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MOT Testing in Bellegrove Autos

Choosing an MOT test Centre for your vehicles up and coming test can be a daunting process. With so many garages offering eye-catching deals to secure your business it can feel like you are being bombarded. At  Bellegrove Car Repairs we don’t believe in ‘reeling you in’ – at our MOT test center in Bellegrove, we simply offer you honest staff, professional MOT tests and expert advice from an accredited garage.

We do offer pre-MOT servicing prior to your test, if you have concerns regarding your vehicle passing.

Should you prefer not to option for this, and your car does not pass with flying colors first time, we are more than happy to repair it in advance of a retest. Alternatively you are welcome to take it to an alternative garage for the retest preparation, you won’t be pressurized or tied in to us for any car repairs, following your MOT.

Getting your vehicle’s MOT test completed is simple with Bellegrove Car Repairs. Our MOT test center is located at our main workshop/reception at 189 Bellegrove Road, Welling Kent DA16 3RA 2 Creek Road, London SE8 3EL UNITED KINGDOM , so why not do a bit shopping while we look after your MOT needs. We will always try to book your MOT testing for a time convenient for you.

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MOT Test

MOT testing is required by law, and it may affect the validity of your insurance if your vehicle does not have a valid MOT certificate. Your MOT test can be carried out up to 1 month before the expiry date. When the new certificate is issued, it will be dated concurrently from the end of your last certificate so you will not lose time. If your MOT test is completed more than a month before your current certificate expires, the date of the new certificate will be the date of the test so you may lose out.

We are required to provide all MOT test results to the UK Government who will keep a record of your MOT certificate online for you, or a potential buyer, to view. This is a very useful service and you can use the Government’s online portal to check the date that your current MOT certificate expires. If you’re not sure how to do this, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. We can also set up a reminder letter to go to your home address when your next MOT is due, leaving you to book in your MOT test at your convenience.

Our MOT testing

We have a dedicated MOT test garage which means that we can MOT test a large number of vehicles at any one time. We will always try to accommodate your test at a time convenient to you and we will always try to accommodate late bookings wherever possible. If you need to cancel your MOT test please give us 24 hours’ notice as a minimum. We appreciate that this isn’t always possible so if you do need to cancel, call the office as soon as you can and we will rebook your appointment for another convenient time. 

The checks we undertake are dictated by law and will not differ to any other garage, however, what you will get from us is honesty, excellent customer service and value for money. If your car fails the test, we will explain fully the reasons why the car has failed so that you can either ask us to repair the faults here, or you can take the car to an alternative garage for repair before re-booking the MOT.